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Linda’s poetry has been published in many venues, including the latest book by Kathleen Fearing, Caught in the Crossfire: poems of children in war.


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Poetry of

Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

He's Our Dad


Young or old

near or far -

you are the one

that was there

to guide,

to advise,

to love - even when

loving was difficult.

You gave of yourself -

even when 

exhaustion sat heavy

on your chest

like we did when we played -

you the pony - or the bear -

or the elephant marching 

through our pretend jungles.

You taught life lessons - 

like, how to paint a wall,

use a hammer,

change a tire,

take responsibility,

make do, do over or do without.

You played music,

danced - to our embarrassment


cried - real men cry -

you told us that.

You are our hero -

our role model -

our Dad!


© 2013 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas


The Big Yellow


She stands there so stoically,

the autumn wind whipping at her skirt.

The others here feel the anticipation,

they are all looking forward to the arrival.

She, on the other hand, hopes, wishes

to return home, safe from all this newness.

Suddenly, the roar of the motor is heard.

in the distance, the big yellow bus

can be seen heading down the street.

Everyone is ready, except her.

As it pulls up, everyone files in,

she hopes the cold wind will be blamed

for her tears, running noticeably down her cheeks.

She waves as the bus pulls away

chiding herself for being so sentimental.


The first day of school – she, like the other Moms,

Should be busily making plans

to enjoy the time without the kids underfoot.


Linda M. Rhinehart Neas  © 2009