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The word Reiki comes from the Japanese for Universal Energy.  This is the energy which flows through all loving beings.  Reiki is one form of the ancient art of hands-on healing, which is found in all cultures.


Reiki is used for relaxation, to relieve stress, restore energy and promote overall well-being.  People experiencing health problems, whether on a physical, mental or spiritual plane, may discover that allows Reiki helps them to take responsibility for their own healing.


Reiki works in conjunction with all traditional therapies.




Linda began her work as a Reiki practitioner at York Hospital in 1996. A healer since childhood, she believes in celebrating the individuality of each person and trusts in their innate ability to discover their own healing.  A guest speaker at various support groups throughout New England and facilitator of Reiki classes to both children and adults, Linda enthusiastically shares her knowledge.

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Reiki: The Healing Art